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7 Fuentes 2017

Fuente means source in Spanish. This wine is a blend of grapes from 7 different vineyards. Valle de la Orotava is a costal wine region located on the Western side of the Canary Islands. The region is volcanic, the vineyards on high slopes. Fuente means source in Spanish, and this wine is a blend from 7 different vineyards. It is made from two unique varietals, Listán Negro and Tintilial. These are dark skinned grapes, the former a mutation of Listán Prietro, the grape planted widely by Spanish missions along the California coast. Fermentation occurs with naturally occurring yeasts, in both stainless steel and concrete vats. Forty percent of the wine is then aged in neutral French oak, providing depth without overpowering its fruit character.

Sommeliers use the phrase “barnyard” to describe earthy, funky aromas in wine. And this wine has all of the muddy, wet straw smells of a barn, but with the addition of intense smoke. On the nose it evokes a campfire put out by rain. This wine does not taste like it smells. On the palate we get lots of leather and red fruit. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking lemons on the grill to make whiskey sours, the fruit character here is not dissimilar, but sub out lemons for blood oranges. This wine has moderate acidity and alcohol, with fine tannins at the finish. Medium plus bodied, this wine pairs excellently grilling out in the yard or with your favorite BBQ take out.

Foris Early Muscat 2018

Thanks to the ease in which Moscato grows, it is easy to mass produce the grape, produce flabby sweet, cheap wine, and make bank. But this needn’t be the fate of our noble grape. We’ve picked out an excellent example of Moscato’s effervescent and refreshing nature, a sparkling Early Muscat from Oregon. Foris Winery has grown Moscato for nearly fifty years, and has experimented with different wine styles, from off-dry to dessert wines. For the past ten years they've produced Moscato in the style of Piedmont, stopping fermentation a bit early to preserve some level of sweetness while still producing carbonation.

In the glass this wine is a soft yellow, with aromas of honeysuckle and white peach. Floral and fruity flavors are repeated on the palate, accompanied by a pleasant level of acidity and carbonation. These aspects are combined with a mild sweetness, creating a joyous glass of wine! Pairs well with fruit salads, spicy dishes, or just some lovely Spring weather.


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