February Wine Club

Becker Pinot Noir, 2014

The Becker Estate started vinifying wine in 1973. The primarily grow Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, that later of which compares to good Burgundy. Even though Germany is the third largest producer of Pinot Noir, this is our only bottle of German red in the store! Interestingly, much of their vineyards actually reside in Alsace, France.

This wine is a bright, pale red. Tilt your glass and you’ll notice some variation in shades of red at the rim—this is a sign of its age. On the nose we get dried cherries, rose petals, and cranberry, something mineral as well, like wet gravel. On the palate we get sour cherries and strawberries, bright acidity, fine light tannins with a clean finish. Drink cooler than room temp, around 60-65°F.

Emilio Bulfon Blanc di San Zuàn, 2018

Our white wine this month is an ancient varietal rediscovered by Emilio Bulfon. His winery focuses on indigenous grapes, and specializes in identifying and cultivating lost varietals. Emilio Bulfon Winery is a tourist spot for wine and art history nerds, and also functions as an educational farm.

Blanc di San Zuàn is the varietal in this wine. Its color is pale straw, leaning towards green. On the nose we get apple juice and fresh grass, with something mineral and salty. It’s mineral-driven on the palate, medium bodied with moderate alcohol and medium acidity. It has a unique texture that resolves into a salinity that reminds us, oddly enough, of Parmesan! Natural pairings include polenta or fish soup, but it pairs wonderfully with Indian food as well!


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